S/L/A/M Merges with FWA

Robert Pulito

Glastonbury, CT – The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM), a national architectural firm with offices in Connecticut, Georgia, New York, and Massachusetts, has merged with Frank Webb Architects (FWA), an award-winning firm located in Los Angeles, California.

SLAM is a recognized thought leader in the design of healthcare, education, corporate, and sports facilities. The firm has been recognized for its groundbreaking work for leaders like University of Notre Dame, United Technologies, Pfizer, and Yale.

“When we began speaking with the leadership team at FWA back in 2016, we were amazed at how many ways our two firms were aligned,” said Robert F. Pulito, AIA, president of SLAM. “We have wanted to expand on the West Coast for some time, but this wasn’t just about getting bigger. We were looking for a partner who saw the value in a cohesive team approach.”

A midsized architecture, interior, and planning firm located in Los Angeles, Frank Webb Architects has built an excellent reputation as one of Southern California’s prominent healthcare design firms. Since its founding in 1990, the firm has been partnering with leading healthcare and education organizations like Kaiser Permanente, City of Hope, UCLA, and USC.

Greg Coles

“The marriage of these two great companies enables us both to grow in new and exciting ways,” said Gregory W. Coles, AIA, president of Frank Webb Architects.

The companies share a passion for innovation, technology, and creativity and have a strong culture rooted in delivering long-term value to their customers.

The merger, which was finalized on September 1, is expected to deliver immediate results for clients and provide both firms with increased size, scope, and reach.

The FWA leadership team will join SLAM’s executive team and together will immediately begin collaborating to provide existing and prospective clients with thoughtful and sustainable solutions.

 “FWA gains access to diversified geography and new resources, while SLAM gains a West Coast presence and our expertise in key markets. When you combine our talented teams, we are poised to take on even bigger and more complex projects,”

Both companies have a strong emphasis on growth through repeat business. Seventy-eight percent of SLAM’s projects and nearly 100 percent of FWA’s comes from their longstanding relationships with clients.

“That focus on cultivating strong client relationships is another reason why we’re compatible partners,” said Coles. “As our clients grow, we grow with them.”

“We aren’t looking at each design studio as a profit center,” said Pulito. “That often creates a competitive and divisive environment instead of a collaborative team whose collective goal is to identify the best possible solution for a client. Staying true to our ‘One Firm’ approach, we’re going to bring together the right blend of talent for each project, no matter where in the organization they’re geographically located.”

“We are committed to making sure that spirit of close cooperation continues post-merger,” said Coles. “That’s how you deliver better architecture — we all rise together.”


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