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One-of-a-Kind Tool Could Pull Construction Industry Out of the Shadows

Boston – Touchplan, a construction software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for implementing Lean construction principles, announced the reveal of its latest, highly anticipated functionality: the ability to instantly convert time-consuming and idle master schedules into valuable and measurable work processes. Initially created for financial purposes and crafted by schedulers rather than those doing the physical labor, master schedules continuously create confusion and disconnect between the proposed plan and the actual work. Touchplan’s latest update provides a solution that will effectively put construction back on the map and pull the entire industry out of the past.

To launch this exciting new feature, Touchplan was sure to address a few specific needs:

  • Work in conjunction with any existing master schedules (i.e. P6, Microsoft Project). Take the information provided and connect it with an interface that trades will actually use to plan and improve their work process.
  • Offer pacing comparison. Teams can match their current project status against the master schedules to ensure projects are on time and on budget.
  • Connect and plan in multiple areas of your project. Orchestrate construction site details before they become problems.

With more than 15 years of experience in easing the pain of complex construction, Touchplan, a subsidiary of MOCA Systems. has continuously invested in its users’ need for functional value based off of candid and frequent feedback, opting for flexibility and ease over the status quo of rigid and complicated. Touchplan has seen tremendous returns on their passion for creating a way for master schedules to become a vital process by trades. One superintendent was even quoted saying, “I love it; I wouldn’t want to do another job without it.”

Touchplan at work

“What folks are able to accomplish today on the job simply wouldn’t be realistic without a specialized tool like Touchplan,” says Mike Sullivan, director of customer success and trusted Lean coach. “I think of where some of the teams we help were a year ago – frustrated, over budget, and late on many, if not all, projects.” Sullivan continues, “The one piece of consistent feedback we got from our users was that they desperately needed a way to make master schedules viable; able to convert them into a real, actionable, accurate plan with the ability to track progress and measure success. Now that Touchplan has tied everything in one place, these teams will be unstoppable.”


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