Life Science

New Frequency Therapeutics Facility Brought to Life

Lexington, MA – Architecture firms Vivo Architecture and Sasaki teamed with life sciences construction manager BW Kennedy & Co. to create a 53,120sf facility for Frequency Therapeutics at 75 Hayden Avenue in Lexington.

Frequency is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing therapeutics to restore hearing and to treat patients with multiple sclerosis. The new third floor suite comprises offices and science research/development lab spaces.

The primary design objective was to create a place that would foster transparency and collaboration between Frequency’s lines of research, bringing teams together in organic exchange. Design responsibility was shared between Sasaki and VIVO, with the former concentrating on the office design and the latter handling the science spaces.

To address Frequency’s collaborative work style, Sasaki designed a layout inspired by Venn diagrams, creating offshoots of gathering space and offices emanating from a central team and cafe space. The spaces are connected through subtle changes in the finishes and united by ceiling elements that reinforce the shapes. An important part of the company culture is mental wellness, which led to the creation of the “Mind Spa,” where employees can step away from their desks to think or recharge in a private space where they can control light and sound.

Artwork and furnishings were chosen to amplify the space’s lively energy and reflect various scientific themes and the company’s mission to improve people’s lives.

The science research facility, created by VIVO, features biosafety hoods, auditory recording systems, noise isolation box, and specialty lab rooms. The entire facility was designed to be self-contained, with its walls and ceiling completely vibration-proof and impenetrable for light and sound. VIVO specified all hands-free lab plumbing fixtures to boost health safety and better hygiene. The glass walls are covered with a privacy film with strategically placed card-scanning entry doors ensuring stricter privacy and security.

This new lab facility provides the space for Frequency to expand its research activities and leverage synergies across its research groups, many of which previously had to operate in shifts during the pandemic to keep work going while complying with health and safety standards.

The project commenced in early 2020 and took nearly a year to complete.

BW Kennedy oversaw a complex build-out with construction occurring while tenants on the floors above and below moved into their suites. The construction team managed the Frequency project while completing three additional tenant fit-outs in this fully-occupied building.