Maugel Designs Laddawn Headquarters Expansion

Rendering of  Laddawn Headquarters' three- story expansion

Rendering of Laddawn Headquarters’ three- story expansion

Devens, MA – Laddawn, Inc., a plastics manufacturer with facilities across the country, received zoning approvals for a three-story addition to its headquarters located at 155 Jackson Road in Devens.

The current space is a Maugel-designed adaptive reuse of the Devens Library which was built in the 1960s. The addition will nearly triple the size of the existing building and is considered a strategic component in attracting the industry’s top talent to Laddawn.

Working closely with the owner, the team designed an innovative interpretation of the workplace.Traditional office layouts were replaced with creative, fun, and inviting common spaces, treadmill and balance ball workstation areas, a café-style kitchen, an outdoor patio, and lounge areas.The new design incorporates an organic-industrial concept featuring a modern façade treatment and interior quality-of-life amenities.The aesthetic is achieved by bringing “the outside in” through the installation of a climbing wall and faux grass, combined with slate, concrete, and exposed steel finishes.

“Ladd Lavallee and Dawn Seiple, co-presidents of Laddawn, had expectations for a 5,000sf to 7,000sf addition, but with some creative design and site plan orchestrations, we were able to add 18,000sf to the project,” said Brent Maugel, president of Maugel Architects.

The project team members include Mike Lanney of Apex Properties, Jesse Johnson of David Ross Associates, and Christina Borella and Cindi Giugliano Cascio of Maugel Architects.