Luther Named AGC CT Designer of the Year

Hartford, CT – Partner of TSKP STUDIO, Randall Luther, recently received the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut (AGC CT) Industry Recognition Award for Designer of the Year. Nominated by industry peers, Luther demonstrates exemplary skill, responsibility, and integrity on complex new construction and renovation projects. His ability to reinvent a space was showcased at the renovated Buckley Elementary School in Manchester, Connecticut’s first Net Zero Energy public school.

“Everyone here understands the effort and passion required to do what we do,” said Luther.  “You get it. That’s what makes this award so meaningful.”

With over 28 years with TSKP STUDIO, Luther has designed three Net Zero Energy renovations. Notable projects also include an adaptively reused historic 1916 boiler and 1926 Cheney mill buildings, creating a unified 5th and 6th-grade academy, Higgins Hall at Western Connecticut State University, a renovation project that rejuvenated the school’s main downtown campus and improved circulation, and the innovative Beman Middle School located on the site of the existing occupied school.

Luther is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire and currently serves on the University of Hartford’s Architecture Advisory Board.

Also honored were long-time project collaborators from O&G Industries for Safety Professional of the Year, Project Manager of the Year, and Superintendent of the Year, and Christopher Till, facilities project manager for the Town of Manchester, a finalist for Project Owner of the Year.

The winners include:

Public Owner of the Year: Matthew Montana, Town of South Windsor

Private Owner of the Year: Lisa Mose, Stamford Health

Designer of the Year: Randall Luther, TSKP Studio

GC/Construction Manager of the Year: John Turner, Bond

Subcontractor of the Year: Rachele Mele, Metropolitan Interactive

Supplier/Service Provider of the Year: Steve Susanin, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

Project Manager of the Year: John Ruggiero, Bartlett Brainard Eacott, Inc.

Construction Supervisor of the Year: Norm Gunderson, Bartlett Brainard Eacott, Inc.

Safety Professional of the Year: Tim Barberet, O&G Industries, Inc.