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Integrated Builders Nears Completion on Final Phase 9 Northeastern Blvd

Rockland, Ma and Salem, NH  – Integrated Builders Inc. has begun work on the final phase of a four year project at 9 Northeastern Boulevard in Salem, New Hampshire. Led by project superintendent, Jim Leiter, Integrated began construction on the former 600,000 square foot manufacturing building in 2010. Integrated worked with Owners Steven Sands, Bruce Levine, Donald Levine, Lewis Heafitz, Neil Shalom, John Hennessy, and the entire Equity Industrial Partners team. Over the past four years, Integrated worked to transform the former computer manufacturing equipment building into a multitenant office building. Maugel Architects from Harvard, MA provided all of the design work.

In February 2014, work commenced on the final piece of the project, which will include a data center and office space for SunGard Financial Services. The 40,000 square foot project will be completed by the end of June. The project includes a significant amount of specialized HVAC and Electrical equipment which will support an N+1 program. Those systems include 300 tons of Dry Cooler HVAC, two 600 kw generators and two 300 kva UPS system.

“It has been a pleasure working with Integrated Builders over the past four years,” said Sarah Cormier at Maugel Architects. “Integrated has done a great job at successfully managing this project and we enjoyed partnering with such a highly-skilled team that worked diligently to complete an intricate project with many moving parts and varying client demands.

This past December, Integrated completed a new office space for AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, the fifth project at 9 Northeastern Boulevard. Integrated provided AdvantEdge with a 40,000 square foot interior renovation which included incorporating an open-office layout and installing new mechanical and electrical services. High, multi-tiered ceilings were installed along with several new conference rooms and a new break room. Additionally, Integrated installed new HVAC systems including 11 rooftops, which will efficiently maintain temperature control.

In December 2012, Integrated completed 200,000 square feet of the building for Enterasys Networks who were re-locating their corporate headquarters from Andover, Massachusetts. Construction included building a 40,000 square foot R&D lab and a 4,000 square foot data center along with a cafeteria, conference rooms, research areas and small-scale production rooms

In 2011, CCS Companies and Nora Flooring moved into 90,000 and 110,000 square feet of the building, respectively. To aid employee productivity at CCS, Steven Sands, President of CCS Companies suggested an interior courtyard concept in which no employee was more than 90 feet away from natural light.

Base building improvements were also made in 2011. The team completed a variety of common area spaces including bathroom cores, a new fitness center and a full cooking kitchen. Nine foot glass exterior windows were installed which replaced brick walls and brought a substantial amount of natural light to the space. As a result of an aging central boiler and chiller plant, Integrated replaced all HVAC systems with new rooftop VAV units. The first phase of this project began in 2010 when Integrated added 17,000 square feet of new office space and a product repair center for Comcast, who was the first tenant to move in.

“We are excited that we are entering the sixth and final phase of this project. It is great to look back at all that we’ve accomplished,” said Jay Dacey, President at Integrated Builders. “Working closely with the same team has allowed us to successfully collaborate and tackle challenges along the way.”