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Hoylu and Barton Malow Announce Latest Delivery at Penn State University Campus

University Park, PA – Barton Malow has deployed a two-projector Hoylu Huddlewall system at its $110 million chemical and biomedical engineering building project at the Pennsylvania State University’s University Park campus.

The installation has quickly become the centerpiece of its top-of-the-line colocation modular complex and routinely draws the interest of architects, engineers, consultants, and subcontractors involved with the project.

The Hoylu Huddlewall, which integrates a flexible, large-format display with multiple forms of input, including digital pen-based and digitally enabled analog paper, is primarily used for site logistics planning, Last Planner activities, shop drawing review, and in multiple presentational settings. The flexibility and power of the system provide immediate ROI for companies in the process of creating innovative solutions in the construction industry.

The Hoylu Huddlewall is also used for hosting informational training sessions for Penn State Engineering students interested in honing their project management skillsets, where its ability to deliver a stronger, more immersive experience for larger groups is quickly realized.

The installation is the latest showcase of Hoylu’s commitment to the construction industry, providing the large-scale Hoylu Huddlewall display along with the Hoylu Inspiration Suite of software, which provides detailed collaboration and process planning as well as enabling industry-standard third-party applications with all the functionality that customers have come to know and love.

“Our assistant superintendent hosts all of his weekly planning meetings on the wall, which has been an effective approach at getting complete buy-in from all attendees, who benefit from a clear, large-format view of the presented information,” said Patrick Laninger, senior project engineer at Barton Malow Company. “Our engineering team has utilized the wall to greatly improve the efficiency of our shop drawing-review process, by juxtaposing contract drawings and shop drawings, and rapidly capturing the input of multiple individuals. This process has been far more efficient than our team’s previously preferred method — passing a digital file around for individual review and performing the cumbersome task of reconciling commentary.”

Patrick Laninger explains: “Given the number of project team members who are alumni of the university, our location on campus, and our close relationship with Penn State’s College of Engineering, we intend on consistently using the Huddlewall for these types of events over the course of the next two years. The logistical challenges associated with hosting a large number of people for technology-based demonstrations are nearly eliminated by the large-format viewing experience that the Huddlewall provides.”


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