HMFH Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Firm principals of HMFH Architects: Julia Nugent, Tina Stanislaski, George Metzger, Lori Cowles, Pip Lewis, and Laura Wernick

Cambridge, MA – Cambridge-based HMFH Architects is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Founded in 1969, it pioneered a groundbreaking, community-based approach to creating learning environments known for innovation, sustainability, and durability.

HMFH is a growing 50-person practice with a diverse leadership group and certification as a Women Owned Business. The firm works with public-school districts, independent schools, universities, public agencies, and communities, with many of these client relationships spanning multiple decades

“Our motivation and long-term success come from our tradition of listening to and learning what each unique community aspires to achieve,” said Laura Wernick, FAIA, senior principal with HMFH. “We think about and practice design at a human scale, applying what we’ve learned over the years to not only solve technical issues but also respond creatively to the physical, social, and emotional needs of students.”

HMFH’s year-long anniversary celebration, “50 Forward,” will explore the present and future state of school design with an ongoing series capturing important features, versus fleeting trends, that have endured over the decades. “As we look forward from this milestone anniversary, we will build on the valuable lessons from 50 years of innovative educational design,” said George Metzger, AIA, senior principal.

For this anniversary year, HMFH is also increasing its internal commitment to a carbon-neutral future. “We are exploring new ways to track and reduce our own carbon footprint in addition to that of our buildings,” reported Metzger. “We are confident that our focus on collaboration and creative design will enable us to make great strides toward a more sustainable and resilient future for own practice as well as for our clients.”


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