Herren Project Launched

(l-r) Joe Albanese, Commodore Builders founder and CEO; Kevin Mikolazyk, Herren project executive director; Lisa Ulbrich Commodore VP tenant interiors; Chris Herren, Herren founder; Lauren Larson, Commodore senior VP of organizational development; and Tom Comeau, Commodore exec. VP and COO

Waltham, MA – Herren Project, founded by former Boston Celtics player Chris Herren, and Commodore Builders, a Greater Boston construction management company, are launching an innovative, next-level employee assistance program to combat the disease of addiction, empower people affected by it, and foster wellness and recovery.

Herren Project is a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery, and prevention of substance use disorder. Commodore Builders is the first company to join Herren Project’s Corporate Recovery and Wellness Program that Herren leaders hope will become a benchmark within employee assistance programs across various industries and regions.

The nonprofit organization is providing comprehensive services to support recovery and wellness for Commodore’s employees and their families.

Through this program, the organization is offering treatment placement assistance, recovery coaching, family support groups, a support hotline and on-site informational sessions to support, inspire and empower any of its employees or their families affected by substance use disorder.

Chris Herren says, “This is not your typical employee assistance program. We’re going the extra mile for Commodore employees and their families. We’re giving them life-changing services and will stay by their side while they or their family member get the help they need.”

Joe Albanese, founder and CEO of Commodore Builders, says, “The magnitude of the opioid epidemic requires an innovative and comprehensive approach. We are leading on this issue by providing our employees and their families with access to a full spectrum of services including treatment, recovery and education.”

“This type of partnership is unprecedented and my hope is that it will become a model which the entire construction industry can emulate,”  Albanese added.

The partnership will provide all 170 Commodore employees and their families with easily accessible services, resources and information so that, as needed, they can begin to heal and recover. Anyone in need of treatment also has the option to explore Herren Wellness, Chris Herren’s residential substance use, health and wellness center.

Executive director of Herren Project, Kevin Mikolazyk, says, “We’re committed to walking with people on their journey to recovery and also to helping family members heal from the effects of their loved one’s addiction. We’re happy to be partnering with Commodore Builders to empower their employees to get the support they need and deserve.”

Lisa Ulbrich, Commodore vice president, tenant interiors adds, “As an industry, we need to do more than stock our job sites with Narcan.  At Commodore, our vision is to provide a compassionate, all-encompassing approach to substance use disorder. We are promoting wellness and recovery by wrapping services and support around our employees and their families.”