Gienapp Selected for Town Hall Project

Boxford Town Hall

Boxford, MA – Gienapp Architects was awarded a design contract by the town of Boxford for a building envelope repair and HVAC design project at Boxford Town Hall.

Gienapp has worked with the town of Boxford before, notably on the Aaron Wood building and the Lincoln Hall project.

First built in 2004, Boxford Town Hall has had ongoing issues with water infiltration and building leaks.  After a thorough investigation and analysis, it was determined that fully removing and reinstalling brick would be prohibitively expensive for the town. Instead, Gienapp designed targeted repairs to the brick that are cost-effective and coincide with other repairs to minimize disruption in the active public facility.

The Town Hall also has had significant heating and air conditioning problems. The air is excessively dry and half of the building is too hot while the other half is too cold. Gienapp has evaluated a number of systems provided by HVAC engineering consultants and designed minimally invasive replacements to fix the problems.

“We’re excited to continue working with the town of Boxford,” said Gienapp Architects principal, Dale Gienapp, AIA. “Our team relishes the chance to take on this challenging project and be part of delivering a solution to the town.”