Finegold Alexander Architects Makes Progress on Stoughton Public Library Project

Boston – Finegold Alexander Architects announced that it has completed design and renderings for the town of Stoughton’s public library renovation and expansion project, and construction documents are well underway. Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2017.

The project will expand and renovate the current structure of 22,000sf to approximately 39,000sf. In addition, the team will update and replace all systems with energy-efficient components; ensure that the public building is safe and completely accessible; increase existing parking spaces; offer a variety of meeting spaces for library programs and community use; improve the children’s area to offer an enclosed craft and story hour space; provide a separate enclosed space for young adults; and expand the current two-story building with security and technology that will allow the library to manage with its current staff. The new design will also expand the second floor and create a cantilevered glass box that extends over the main entrance.


“The team at Finegold Alexander Architects is excited to bring our renovation and restoration expertise to this wonderful mid-century library building. We look forward to bringing this remarkable community library into the 21st century through thoughtful program-driven spaces that are flexible, comfortable and welcoming,” said Principal, Ellen K. Anselone.

The Stoughton Public Library originally opened its doors in 1969 with 22,000sf and a capacity of 96,000 books. By 2006, the population of Stoughton was about 27,000 and projected to be 30,000 by the year 2030. The collection was already 100,000 books over capacity, and the Library was unable to meet the demands for public technology and computer access, community and meeting spaces, and technology training. In addition, the library hosts an extensive 17-language adult literacy program and is in need of updating for universal accessibility.

The existing 1969 library was well designed for its time with a large central stair and atrium and clerestory windows throughout. The open plan was innovative and allowed the library to evolve for many years. With the advent of technology and the passage of time, the building became outdated. The Stoughton Public Library completed a feasibility study in 2009 and after securing funding through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and funds from the Town of Stoughton, the project was underway in the Spring of 2016 and will begin construction in Spring of 2017.



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