Feldman’s Forecast and Plan for 2018

| December 18, 2017

by Michael Feldman

Last year was our largest year ever at Feldman Land Surveyors, with over $10 million of revenue. By projecting out the activity from Q4 of 2017, we forecast that 2018 will show an increase of about 10% to 12% over 2017.


Construction layout at The Hub

Construction throughout 2018: We have been working on sites of all sizes in all major sectors. There continues to be a strong demand for accurate, consistent, and reliable survey consulting services delivered with a high level of flexibility in scheduling. Construction managers need more than a firm that simply lays out a column grid. They need a firm that understands that these grids are not static, but they are part of a site or building that is dynamic and can change as concrete cures or as the temperature changes. They need a firm that understands the tolerances of their instrumentation and how to lay out and then check their work in an efficient, yet accurate manner. They need a firm who can provide smart surveys.

Conventional survey services: We are currently working on large route surveys for Eversource as well as survey work for permitting for private developers, municipalities, higher ed, healthcare, and Massport. ALTA surveys for refinancing, due diligence, and acquisitions are still being requested. Also, automated deformation monitoring for active construction sites abutting tunnels, tracks, or other important features will continue, and we are employing this technology to provide these services in a safe and remote manner without having to staff it onsite.


Cathedral of the Holy Cross laser scanning3D laser scanning/BIM: Our large, in-house BIM department will continue scanning and modeling both architectural and structural projects as well as MEP systems. We are currently working on many projects in various stages, including the former Boston Globe headquarters, Worcester Court House, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, and the Brookline High School. We will survey two sites for our pro bono scanning historic Boston program and will work with Historic Boston, Inc. to help us identify sites for scanning.

Virtual reality/drone technology: We will continue to invest in our program that allows clients to use VR headsets (Rift and Vive) to view our 3D laser scan data in a virtual reality setting. We have already flown missions with our two company-owned drones and will continue to develop that program. We currently have a staff member licensed with his Part 107 pilot’s license and will have more certified in the coming months. We spent a significant part of 2017 testing the accuracies of data collected

Revit model of the former Boston Globe building

from this process, and we are positive about the results. We have embraced this technology that allows us to survey a 20-acre site in a matter of hours. We then take the high-resolution photography and process it with 3D data to produce a point cloud of information that will be used in conjunction with the photos to produce survey grade plans.

Focusing on our Feldman team: We will continue our in-house education program where we offer classes taught by our staff to further education and cross-train everyone at our firm. From construction survey to hands-on laser scanning, and MEP modeling to CAD drafting, we developed these courses as a response to a request from our team to offer more educational opportunities. We will continue to build on our company culture that focuses on health and balance, and we will continue to provide healthy food choices in the office along with weekly yoga classes and sessions with a fitness trainer.

Backlash Beer Company: Backlash, our first-floor tenant, will open its brewery and taproom in 2018 and will provide the neighborhood with some retail activity and will be a fun place to meet with clients and friends alike.

Giving back to our community: We will continue to hire interns from Roxbury and Dorchester and will continue to be a good Roxbury neighbor by helping the good people of Orchards Gardens. We will support the nonprofit partners of ours and donate per our usual mode of giving.

Michael Feldman



Michael Feldman is president and CEO of Feldman Land Surveyors.



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