Emerson Hospital Utilizes Rotating Art Hanging System

STAS picture hanging system at Emerson Hospital

Maynard, MA – STAS picture hanging systems, located in Millbury, recently completed a project with Emerson Hospital in Maynard.

As part of its newly opened facility, Emerson Hospital wanted to create a more inviting lobby by featuring local artists on a seasonally rotating basis. The challenge with this comes when it’s time to change out the artwork. Patching and re-painting is messy and expensive, and there is major disruption to part of the lobby while this work is being done. In addition, because this is a healthcare facility, extreme caution has to be taken when it comes to any dust and paint fumes.
STAS helped Emerson Hospital overcome these problems by installing a picture hanging system. The system makes it easy for anyone on the Emerson staff to hang and rotate new art shows, all without tools or ever having to paint or patch the walls again.
STAS picture hanging systems proved to be a cost effective solution for hanging artwork that will provide Emerson Hospital with cumulative cost savings for years to come.