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Donnegan Systems Benefits Higher Ed Market

Jeff Loreaux

Jeff Loreaux

By Jeff Loreaux

Within the higher education market there is a growing need for more collaborative space on campus. Libraries are often the center of campus learning and can be the perfect space for students, professors, and the community to come together.


Storage systems serve well into the future

Through reevaluating how volumes and collections are stored, and where they are stored within the library, Donnegan Systems has successfully helped many campuses create makerspaces and additional collaboration spaces. Expansion is a costly endeavor for any college or university. Anything we can do to help save extra space within their existing footprint is paramount.

Our goal is to be thorough and to provide a solution that makes our customers’ lives easier. The first step in our process is to understand exactly what the customer is storing, as well as how it is currently being stored and retrieved. Once we have that information, we are able to look at the space they have. 

salve-regina_0753-12451We then look to develop a space utilization and storage system plan that allows them to meet their goals within their existing footprint in a more cost-effective way. We also spend time understanding how to properly protect and secure what they are storing.

Quality, ease-of-use, and security are also among top priorities when providing customers with solutions. Our team of factory-trained professionals know the importance of providing a product that is not only safe, but is also high-quality. We don’t provide storage solutions just for the right-now, we provide storage systems that will serve them well into the future.

All of Donnegan Systems’ solutions can be custom-designed to meet any customer’s particular needs, and they have a solution for virtually any storage challenge.

Colleges and Universities all over New England have particularly benefited from our system’s storage solutions.

Jeff Loreaux is president of Donnegan Systems Inc. of Northborough, Mass.