Dacon Launches New Website

Natick, MA  – Dacon Corporation, a 33-year old design build firm, has released a new website as part of a rebranding initiative.  Dacon has completed 435 projects and returned over $9.6M in savings to clients through their GMP process. 

The site contains educational guides and articles for users of all levels, along with 28 case studies on design build’s impact.  Of note is a video featuring Crown Uniform, a client who experienced 125% productivity and $6M in annual operations savings using green design build.  

As part of their collaborative approach, Dacon is offering a free 2019 Market Forecast and Construction Cost Guide, a 10 page right-sized book listing material and demolition costs.  Released annually, it is one of their most requested materials by industry professionals. 

As a collaborator with property management firms, real estate brokers, developers and end-use clients, the site interface acts as a productive resource for design build knowledge.

Few know that Dacon is an acronym for design, architecture and construction. To experience the new site and obtain a cost guide, visit