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Dellbrook|JKS Trademarks Safety365

Quincy, MA – Dellbrook|JKS is celebrating the trademarking of Safety365.

Representatives of the firm say the trademarking is a continuation of the Dellbrook|JKS’ year-round dedication to safety and that it plans to utilize the trademarked phrase in an accelerated push to remind employees and trade partners of the importance of practicing safety daily.

This additional emphasis on Safety365 includes a program that organizes bimonthly training and other informational sessions based on critical construction safety risks. The program is scheduled to launch the first week of May during Construction Safety Week in conjunction with OSHA’s National Safety Stand Down for Fall Prevention. The critical risks that Dellbrook|JKS will highlight and bring awareness to include fall protection and prevention, excavations and trenching, falling objects, scaffolding work, hoisting operations, and electrical hazards.

Dellbrook|JKS’s safety education also extends into training future industry professionals. The firm kicked off a safety partnership with Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, in late 2021. This collaboration encourages students to think about Safety365 with presentations, hands-on practice, and live trainings.

“We’re excited to have the trademark Safety365, as a formal acknowledgement of our efforts and as a reminder that focusing on construction safety daily is critical to our firm’s success. I’d like to thank our entire Safety and Risk Management Department for their work in helping Dellbrook|JKS function at its best,” said Mike Fish, CEO of Dellbrook|JKS.

“It is not enough to talk about safety once a year, which is why we have initiated the Safety365 program. These critical risks, among others, must stay top of mind to maintain a safe site for our teams, trade partners, and everyone else who works on our jobs as well as the communities we work in,” said director of safety and risk management at Dellbrook|JKS, Robert Carson. “With the trademarking of Safety365, we’ll further stress the need for safety prioritization through Safety Week and every day after.”