Construction Firm Establishes Dedicated Sustainability Department

Walpole, MA – Bald Hill Builders (BHB) announced it has recently established a dedicated sustainability department.

Greg Downing

Representatives of BHB say the company is dedicated to creating environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, healthier living and working spaces and that its commitment to sustainability drives the firm to integrate green building principles into every project, reduce its environmental impact, and set the standard for a more sustainable future in construction. As building codes progress and evolve, BHB will be at the forefront of embracing and implementing the latest standards.

Greg Downing is a building performance consultant and the dedicated sustainability manager at BHB, where he leverages over a decade of expertise to advance energy-efficient and durable construction. His knowledge spans a diverse spectrum of innovative technologies, construction methods, and materials that substantially aim to diminish a project’s environmental impact. Holding both LEED Green Rater certification and PHIUS Verifier credentials, Downing plays a central role in shaping the company’s construction philosophy. Collaborating closely with each project team, he contributes to designing cutting-edge, energy-efficient structures while guaranteeing compliance with stringent certification standards for each project.

Boateng Serebour

Boateng Serebour, sustainability technician, is the newest addition to the sustainability team at BHB. He will assist in advancing the company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices by evaluating construction projects to identify opportunities for reducing environmental impact while assessing various aspects, such as energy efficiency, material selection, waste management, and resource conservation. Representatives of the company say his proactive approach and dynamic leadership ensure that every project meets and exceeds sustainability goals.