City of Portsmouth Approves Historic Renovation for 82 Court St.

Portsmouth, NH – DeStefano Architects (D|A) received unanimous approval from the City of Portsmouth Historic District Commission for a historic exterior remodel and window replacement project at 82 Court Street, a landmark property in downtown Portsmouth.  The plan to remove and replace seven windows was presented in detail to the Commissioners by Joe Almeida, Commercial Studio Manager at DeStefano Architects, serving as the property owner’s representative.  The presentation was met with positive accolades from the Board and defined as a project to hold as standard for future historic preservation work.


“I think this is excellent.  You’re paying attention – those are all the details that are important to [the Commission] in these old, historic structures.” said Commissioner Richard Shea.  Commissioner Reagan Ruedig commented on the firm’s strong attention to detail; “Hopefully [now] we have a gold standard to point to when talking about what [the HDC] would like to see for replacement windows.”


D|A is working in conjunction with Green Mountain Window Company for the window replacement project, which will utilize the narrowest insulated wavy glass pane available for historic windows.  This project marks the first use of this specific product in downtown Portsmouth.

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