CAG Completes Art Installation at Primecut/Mezzo


Bar/seating area / all photos by Nicole Capobianco

Providence, RI – Corporate Art Group, Inc. (CAG) of East Greenwich, has completed a figurative-themed art installation for the Primecut/Mezzo restaurant and nightclub in Providence.

CAG’s on-staff graphic designer, Nicole Capobianco, and project art consultant, Briana Rignanese, were extraordinarily creative with their custom collage-making for the hip and urban space.



Dance floor

A total of 12 custom collages and one figurative sculpture were incorporated into Primecut/Mezzo’s space. The sculpture graces the middle of the dining area, installed atop a custom-designed booth, where the guests can enjoy a 360 degree view of the lavish work. This 3D piece of artwork is made of gold and bronze-finished washers, that are fused together to create the overall figure, and is accompanied by oversized collages on the surrounding walls.




Bar/Seating area

Corporate Art Group’s collages, created from figurative poses and Providence skyline imagery, were printed on aluminum and installed with hidden brackets, to give the illusion of free-floating artwork. Rignanese strategically placed the collages on key walls, in high-traffic areas, selecting different gloss finishes based on the room atmosphere and light proximity.



VIP Seating area

Capobianco and Rignanese worked closely with Mezzo’s management to develop an art package that reflected an idea of sensuality and sophistication flowing throughout the entire restaurant, bar areas, and dance floors.

The idea was to ultimately assist in creating and portraying a new brand developed by Primecut/Mezzo. When it comes to hospitality, the environment is everything. Guests want to be wowed and inspired!

As Corporate Art Group continues to create interior art designs for hospitality spaces, they constantly aspire to relay their clients’ vision and brand through custom artwork and creative thinking.

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