Education Restoration/Renovation

Boston Firm Selected for School Renovation

Marlborough, MA – Boston-based Finegold Alexander Architects announced that the firm has been selected to provide design services for the renovation and new addition of the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School’s (AMSA) campus in Marlborough.

Finegold Alexander will lead multiple projects at the school, including system upgrades, interior fit outs of a previous office building, a new multipurpose building, and complete redesign of the school’s traffic pattern.

AMSA is a public charter school that serves grades 6-12 from over 30 communities in the Greater Boston area. AMSA currently owns and occupies the entire three building campus at 165, 199 and 201 Forest St. in Marlborough in what used to be an office park, and called upon Finegold Alexander to repurpose the third and fourth floors of the 165 Forest St. building into additional science laboratories, classrooms, and administrative space. The team is also tasked with designing a new 14,000sf multipurpose building on the campus and will redesign the campus site circulation to improve pick-up and drop-off for students and their families.

“While the academic program at AMSA is thriving, our team was able to recognize the need to align the school’s various facilities to create a cohesive environment to support teaching and learning,” said Regan Shields Ives, principal and K-12 studio leader at Finegold Alexander. “We are excited to embark on this significant partnership with AMSA to creatively address the design challenges that the school is currently facing. Our goal is to support its mission of integrity, excellence, and community through innovative and welcoming design.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Finegold Alexander on transforming our campus into a 21st century educational institution,” said Ellen Linzey, AMSA executive director. “Their experience working with other K-12 schools will be invaluable in helping us improve our facilities for our students.”

AMSA opened in 2005 with the goal of bringing quality education to an underserved area with an all-inclusive public-school setting. AMSA’s model is established upon offering students a rigorous college-orientated education and believes in providing education to a diverse group of students to allow them the opportunity to excel. To foster community, ASMA strives to help others by appreciating and celebrating diversity and “collaborating kindly and supportively.”