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Bomes Theater To Be Renovated

Bomes Theater

Providence, RI – The Bomes Theatre is being taken over by Fernando J. Tavares, owner of Tavares LLC, a local general contractor, the city recently announced.

The theater, located at 1017 Broad St., was built in 1921 as a theater and portions of it later were converted to retail use, including as a furniture store and restaurant. The property has been vacant since 2004.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The city said that Tavares LLC will conduct a complete restoration of the building to a mixed-use development, including retail, office and event space.

The property was acquired by the Providence Redevelopment Agency in 2004 as part of the Ward 9 Redevelopment Plan. The PRA will transfer the property to Tavares LLC in exchange for his investment of $2.2 million to restore the property.

No tax incentives have been applied for or granted at this time.


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