Assur Joins ReArch Company

Ted Assur

South Burlington, VT – ReArch Company announced the arrival of Ted Assur as its director of information technology.

A technology and business leader with over 17 years of experience in information technology, Assur oversees the implementation of computer- and technology-related activities for ReArch Company and related organizations. He leads IT training for new employees and manages systems and equipment that support ReArch staff.

Assur acts as the primary liaison with third-party vendors for IT issue resolution. Representatives of the firm say he takes a proactive approach with researching and proposing additional innovative IT solutions and improvements to help ReArch operate as efficiently as possible to meet changing business needs.

In his most recent position, Assur was responsible for project management, software engineering, systems design, and architecture. He served as a lead architect to the senior management team on mission-critical data systems.

Assur demonstrates advanced systems development aptitude, including requirements gathering, systems design, architecture, testing, and support. He specializes in streamlining workflow to enhance efficiency and reduce processing times and costs. He has engaged with C-level leaders to help with adaptation to rapidly changing environments in which technology serves as a driver of cost savings, process improvements, efficiency, and consistent operating improvements.