Architecture Firm Announces Name Change

The Annum Architects team

Boston – Philip Chen, FAIA, with Ann Beha, FAIA; Thomas Hotaling, AIA; and Steven Gerrard, AIA announced that Ann Beha Architects is now Annum Architects, building on Ann Beha Architects’ accomplishments and a new generation of leadership.

Chen, firm president, noted, “Annum Architects continues ABA’s remarkable legacy and points toward the future. Our transformative work explores the dialogue between historic and contemporary architecture and is rooted, like our new name, in the idea of time.”

The firm’s representatives say Annum continues a tradition of collective leadership and bridging the past with the future to create timeless new settings that serve and strengthen its clients’ missions, and that Annum will continue to advance innovative planning and design for academic, cultural, and civic organizations.

Annum’s expanded leadership includes Jason Bowers, AIA; Katie Gerner, AIA; and Ed Rice, AIA as associate principals; Josh Aisenberg, AIA and Bob Carroll, AIA joining Elizabeth Nassikas and Ric Panciera, AIA as senior associates; and Ashley Merchant, AIA and Melissa Murphy, AIA joining Jackie Flanigan, AIA as associates.

Beha will be affiliated with Annum as senior collaborating architect, and in 2023 will be distinguished visiting professor of architecture at Yale University. “I am thrilled with Annum’s name, mission, and leadership. These reflect a practice marked by innovation and opportunity,” said Beha.