Architecture, Engineering Firm Announces Merger

Anna Giraldi, Bill Hickey, Rick Wolf, Jr., and Jim Bouchard

Concord, NH – The H.L. Turner Group Inc. (TTG) announced a strategic move effective Jan. 1, 2024: the merger with subsidiary Quantum Construction Consultants, LLC (QCC).  The merger not only expands TTG’s service offerings but also establishes a dedicated Infrastructure Division within the company, leveraging QCC’s expertise in this sector. All QCC staff have joined TTG.

Led by Rick Wolf, Jr., QCC brings experience in engineering bridges, dams and roads, construction administration, and project management. “We’re thrilled to join forces with TTG. We’re ready to unlock a new level of service and expertise for our clients and are confident this merger will drive innovation and contribute significantly to the region’s infrastructure development,” said Wolf.

“By welcoming QCC as our new Infrastructure Division, we’re not only strengthening our existing service offerings but also creating a powerhouse team capable of tackling even the most demanding engineering challenges,” said Bill Hickey, president of TTG.