All Saints Completely Renovated


The Parish of All Saints

Dorchester, MA – Cogswell Sprinkler Co., Inc. is working with Consigli Construction to complete major Phase 2 renovations at The Parish of All Saints in Dorchester.

The parish is undergoing a complete restoration of the interior and exterior, which will include the installation of an elevator and a new entry ramp. Cogswell is in the process of installing a new wet-pipe sprinkler system throughout the parish, as well as a dry-pipe sprinkler system in all unheated areas. This totals approximately 26,550sf with the addition of 340 sprinkler heads.

Scott Perkins, project engineer, and Scott Bernstein, project manager, are working with Mike O’Brian and Sean O’Keefe of Consigli Construction and John G. Waite Associates, Architects to successfully bring this project to a close by mid-December.