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401-405 Main Street

Worcester, MA – The annual Worcester Chamber of Commerce Business Awards ceremony was held on May 20.

The Menkiti Group, a minority-owned Certified Business Enterprise, was among the award recipients for both 6 Chatham Street and 401-405 Main Street in Worcester. Both properties received the Silver Hammer Award, given by the chamber each year to acknowledge construction or rehabilitation projects that provide an extraordinary impact on the physical landscape and assist in revitalizing the community.

6 Chatham Street

The property at 6 Chatham Street, also known as Chatham Lofts, is a collection of 24 luxury apartments in the heart of the theater district that highlight the building’s unique architectural features. The buildings at 401-405 Main Street have served as a home for generations of downtown Worcester businesses over the past 167 years.

The Menkiti Group set out to reconstruct both landmarks by paying respect to the architectural details of the original structure. The goal is to restore the properties to their former splendor and breathe new life into the halls.

Haynes Group managed the renovation of 401-405 Main Street. The team upgraded core building systems, constructed a new exterior storefront, and restored the historic facade. Detailed restoration of brick masonry, stone, wood, and cast-iron facade elements was accomplished by Raymond James Restoration with the guidance of architect Greg O’Connor.

“We are grateful for the meticulous restoration completed by local artisans Gregory J. O’Connor Associates Architects, Elton + Hampton Architects, Raymond James Restoration, Haynes Group, and R.P. Masiello who collectively breathed new life into the structures,” said Mark Rengel, vice president of development at The Menkiti Group.

“At the time of their construction, both 401-405 Main Street and 6 Chatham Street were some of the grandest buildings in the city of Worcester and we believe that still holds true today,” said Rengel.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work our team at The Menkiti Group is doing to revitalize important, historic buildings in downtown Worcester,” said Bo Menkiti, founder and CEO of The Menkiti Group.

“We were really excited to be part of the rehabilitation of this building right in downtown Worcester that has such a storied past, including Shack’s Clothes,” said Jim Russo, director of business development at Haynes Group.

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