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WIC Profile: Sarah Tarbet

Sarah Tarbet, Senior Associate, Jones Architecture

Sarah Tarbet

Sarah Tarbet, AIA is a senior associate with Jones Architecture who says she chose to study design because “I wanted to make beautiful and impactful things.” She graduated from Northeastern and worked as a designer in the Boston area for five years before joining Jones in 2016.

A champion for inclusive design, Sarah works primarily with higher education and institutional clients designing a variety of project types. Her work has made a difference to students and faculty at top institutions across the region with her commitment to design that facilitates learning. Despite the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field, Sarah has thrived in what she describes as a “great and supportive community.”

Sarah’s advice to women just starting out is to “try and find a mentor you trust and a team with whom you can be yourself.” She says, “My growth over a decade in the industry is 100% because of the guidance and support of colleagues who challenged my insecurities and celebrated my strengths.”

Sarah’s strengths shine both in the office and in the field. “She leads by example,’’ explains firm founder, Rick Jones. “She is a strong designer, hard worker, smart, empathetic to everyone on the team – internal, external, owner, contractor, it doesn’t matter – she wants to see everyone succeed and tries to set things up to ensure that happens.”

Sarah isn’t afraid to ask the big questions or challenge preconceptions. Clients love her for this kind of leadership, and she has forged strong relationships with everyone she works with.