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WIC Profile: Lucy Frye

Lucy Frye

Lucy Frye is a senior project engineer and has been with C.E. Floyd Company for over five years. She’s currently tasked with managing the company’s office renovation and expansion while continuing her responsibilities on a theater addition and art studio renovation at The Umbrella in Concord, Mass.

Frye double majored in architectural studies and art history at Connecticut College. “While I studied architecture in college,” she says, “I was attracted to the construction industry because it allows me to get involved in and learn about so many different aspects of a project rather than just design. While this work certainly keeps me on my toes, I love being able to work with the different trades and see all the moving parts come together into a complete building at the end.”

Frye’s years on the crew team at Connecticut College taught her valuable skills such as time management and working with all different personalities. At school she managed a full course load while rowing 3 hours a day, forcing her to learn to schedule her day effectively and prioritize items, both of which she does daily at C.E. Floyd.

While in rowing the goal is to go fast and row well no matter who you’re teamed up with, she credits her success to forming relationships with the people she works with: the client, subcontractors, architect, and her coworkers. Frye’s advice to anyone joining this industry is to build a supportive network around you.