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WIC Profile: Laurie Webber

Laurie Webber, Assistant Safety Director, Erland Construction

Laurie Webber

Laurie Webber joined Erland Construction in 2000 as a front desk coordinator. Her responsibilities quickly grew, and she was soon assisting the Human Resources department with various projects. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to payroll coordinator and asked to join Erland’s internal Safety Committee, which is where her interest in safety began.

She recalls the exact moment when she decided to take on safety as her full-time role. She had been in a safety committee meeting with Tom Blesso, SVP, management/operations support at Erland. She had a question regarding steel erection and Tom sat down with her until she completely understood the safety requirements for the scenario. She realized that joining Erland’s safety department would allow her to learn and grow even more, and that she’d be challenged to understand a whole new realm of construction. So, on she went to becoming Erland’s assistant safety director.

Laurie’s dedication to keeping the Erland staff safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental. She leads the company’s contact tracing, working with employees and subcontractors to identify and collect the needed information on cases. She also has been an indispensable resource in the research and development of Erland’s COVID-19 field guidelines. Her polite but persistent interaction with the subcontractor community has enabled the company to not only remain compliant and minimize risk, but also get workers back to jobs as soon as protocols allow.

The reported COVID-19 cases come in at all hours of the day and night, and on the weekends too. Laurie is always available and willing to do whatever needs to be done to keep Erland’s jobsites safe and productive. Representatives of the company continue to be impressed with her dedication and are amazed by the time management skills involved in doing all she does for Erland while raising a young family.