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WIC Profile: Laura Notman

Laura Notman, Senior Lab Planner, Matz Collaborative

Laura Notman

With over 30 years of experience in architecture, Laura Notman has worked in both large and small firms, as well as having her own practice. While the firms may have changed along the way, one element has remained consistent: her affinity toward laboratory projects.

“I’ve always gravitated back to working on laboratory projects,” she explains. “I think it’s because scientists and architects are problem solvers who use creativity to address novel challenges. The tools of science – asking questions, observation, testing the result – layered on a good foundational knowledge of the field, are also the tools architects need to design successfully. It makes me feel connected to our clients.”

With that connection, Laura enjoys the collaboration with researchers to structure a workspace where they can get their best work done. “There’s always unusual or unexpected challenges that arise from their research needs, alongside the constraints of space and budget,” she says. “The work that our clients do is very inspiring and it has been a bonus to see increasing diversity among the scientists we work with.”

Currently, Laura serves as a senior lab planner at Matz Collaborative, an architecture firm specializing in laboratory and private and public education projects. She joined the team in January 2020 just as the pandemic was beginning to take hold. Matz Collaborative was able to quickly pivot to remote work while maintaining a connected team.

“The firm is built on a foundation of trust, humor, and empathy that has allowed us to support one another through all the turmoil,” Laura says. “ These qualities are also key to working successfully on a variety of projects because they enable a full understanding of the client’s needs and the teamwork to get the job done successfully.”