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WIC Profile: Jenna Anglin

Jenna Anglin

Submitted by Chapman Construction

Jenna Anglin joined Chapman Construction/Design in 2017 and has quickly worked her way up to her current role of project manager. Jenna previously worked at a district energy industry association and an HVAC smart-tech startup. These roles helped shape Jenna’s project management skills and exposed her to the construction industry. 

The reason she chose to pursue a construction management career was “because of the unique blend of right and left brain thinking involved – not only do I get to engage with deeply technical material, but I also have the opportunity to assist with the holistic design process by providing input from previous project experiences.” She has found this industry is a place where her skills and interests align.

Jenna is interested in how companies can be better stewards of the environment, which was one of the things that attracted her to Chapman. “The nature of construction makes it challenging to remain environmentally mindful, but Chapman’s history proves it isn’t impossible. They’ve always focused on minimizing their environmental impact, and this history stood out to me as one that I wanted to be part of,” says Jenna. She continues to foster her interest in sustainability and is a member of the USGBC Emerging Professionals and a PHIUS Passive House Certified Builder.

When asked what advice she has for women pursuing a career in construction, Jenna said, “Find a company whose values align with yours and will support your career development. This makes a world of difference in our demanding and stressful industry.”

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