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WIC Profile: Danielle Crafford

Danielle Crafford, General Superintendent, Gilbane

Danielle Crafford

As one of only two women general superintendents working in Gilbane’s New England division, Danielle Crafford has learned to approach challenges with the goal of opportunity. She is one of the youngest women to hold the role companywide and leads with compassion and inspiration, recognizing that true success means a successful outcome for all.

Danielle is responsible for the overall management of the active job site, which includes the safety of personnel, schedule maintenance, coordination of trade partners, and the quality of installation. However, Danielle takes pride in the softer skills of which her role requires: She cultivates open and transparent communication with owners to provide daily updates of construction activities that will directly affect their campus (or community, building, etc.), and keeps neighboring homeowners or community members aware of potential disruptions.

In the 12 years Danielle has been with Gilbane, she’s worked on countless projects that have contributed to company growth, but she considers her truly valuable contributions to be the relationships she’s made throughout.

“I believe in ‘growth of thought,’ and I play an active role in empoWer, our company’s employee resource group focused on the advancement of women. This group provides a platform for its members to grow and thrive in their professional and personal lives by creating opportunities and connections. I am proud to champion this group in Rhode Island and believe that its existence is a good step in the right direction for our company, and industry as a whole.”