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WIC Profile: Adrienne Franklin

Adrienne Franklin

Submitted by Gilbane Building Company

As interdisciplinary document coordination (IDC) manager at Gilbane Building Company, Adrienne Franklin oversees the firm’s IDC review process, a preconstruction service designed to identify, track and communicate construction document coordination issues to the design and project teams prior to procurement and before construction.

In honor of WIC Week, Adrienne shared some details about her career pathway, as well as advice for women just entering the industry:

“I have my bachelor’s in architecture from Drexel University. Drexel’s program allowed students to work during the day in architectural firms and attend school at night. While working at an architectural firm, I was presented the opportunity to attend weekly job site meetings with the architect, construction manager, and trade contractors. As I watched the building come out of the ground over the next 14 months, I knew I needed to transition from architecture to construction. My role as IDC manager allows me to build upon my education and previous job experience while developing my construction knowledge. This role also allows me to stay connected with the design community as we grow IDC to work directly with more architects and engineers. 

My advice for young women entering this field is to create and grow your network of both women and men. This network should be made up of both more and less experienced colleagues who can provide invaluable perspectives and points of views you may not have been able to see without them. You will create a support system by doing this and become a support for others as well.”