Education Restoration/Renovation

VBA Completes Historical Preservation of Hopkinton Daycare Center


Hopkinton, MA – The VBA Construction Management team recently completed a multi-floor renovation for Kidsborough, a before and after school program for children in grades K-8 and its new daycare program Littleborough, in Hopkinton.

The project converted a 7,150sf, two-level aftercare space into daycare and preschool classrooms and a 4,200sf loft on the third floor for the afterschool program.

“The challenge for VBA was to preserve the architectural integrity of our old mill building while incorporating the latest features and designs in childcare settings,” said Cori Lucius, director of Littleborough. “They accomplished both while always being there to test out my wild ideas and provide in-depth explanations for my never-ending inquiries.”


VBA’s restoration work involved restoring the original wooden floors and industrial post and beam structures. The open ceilings in the loft were preserved, LED lighting was installed to highlight the wooden beams, and cloud shaped acoustic panels were added for noise mitigation and to reduce echoes.

Indoor gross motor spaces, a giant whimsical reading tree, spacious classrooms, among other innovative elements along with the required HVAC, lighting and fire protection required a tremendous amount of extra work from VBA.

“The project had so many unique design elements,” said Keivan Russo of VBA. “We listened closely to the project team to ensure we brought their creative vision to life. Our entire team is excited by how well the new space is working and how it fosters creativity and community.”

Some of the key design elements were custom millwork house seating niches that anchor the open play space, chalkboard walls that allow for creativity and personalization, and a floor design, including crosswalks, to help with navigation around the spaces.

For safety and health reasons, rubber flooring, which provides a sustainable solution to vinyl, was installed in the new Littleborough daycare space. “This type of flooring is important to many of the construction projects we do,” said Tyler Amore of VBA. “It withstands heavy traffic, spills, and temperature fluctuations.”

“Even with the numerous last-minute setbacks, VBA was able to finish the project according to our tight deadlines,” Lucius added. “And most importantly our parents and kids love the new space from the bright colors, murals, and climbing wall to the ‘big room’ where there is lots of space for movement and play.”