The Associated Construction Company of Hartford Gets Face Lift


Hartford, CT – After 72 years of service to the Connecticut and Greater Hartford construction industry, The Associated Construction Company of Hartford will be getting a full facelift this holiday season with the company’s first ever complete rebranding.

Working with branding agencies and web designers from NYC and Atlanta, the company aims to incorporate its construction management and general contracting history with an updated and sleek new image. “In all these years, we never had an icon or image that was readily known,” said Joseph Jankowski, principal and vice president. “We will hopefully develop and achieve that recognition with our new materials.”

Marketing associate Sarah Giardini said the firm’s public image needed to be brought into the 21st century. “The website and marketing materials no longer accurately portrayed our team’s experience and advanced quality work,” said Giardini. “We felt it was important to pull ideas and concepts not only from other industries but from other places, since in today’s world, the amount of connectivity allows us to be exposed to all that is new. Why be limited to what is ‘standard’ or ‘typical’?”

Associated’s portfolio of work spans a variety of industries including commercial, residential, healthcare, broadcast and data, industrial, and educational facilities. It is important to them that each of these groups of professionals connect with their new identity.

The rebranding approach includes some simple changes such as moving away from their characteristic red and black color combo to red and purple. The marketing team feels that these changes and attention to minor details will translate into larger differences when added up. Research was also completed on how both the male and female brain at a variety of ages processes colors and images. This look at age, gender, and industry preferences helped to create marketing materials aimed to appeal to a variety of audiences. Even though the construction industry is predominantly middle-aged males, this is not always the demographic of the company’s clientele. It was therefore important to look at those outside of that specific scope.

The marketing department is working with the entire company to develop a streamlined and consistent feel, yet not eliminate the genuine nature and personality of its staff. “Each of our employees have helped shape Associated into what it is today; however, it is time to fully define what that shape is and what it stands for,” said Giardini.

She said it is important to understand that this rebranding is not changing who we are or what we stand for, but just making that message more clear and consistent. “It’s like completing an exterior renovation; the bones of the building are still the same, but the way it looks, feels, and communicates is much more in tune with those that are currently interacting with it.”

“My father, Angelo J.M. Giardini, founder of Associated Construction, always said you earn your stripes every day so you can’t live on past accomplishments,” said company principal and president, Thomas Giardini. “This rebranding is a clear understanding that today is a new day with new challenges, and we will continue to earn our keep by understanding and learning from our past.”

The company’s new website was designed by New Uniform, and the Brand Identity/Logo was developed by Agency Magma.