STEM Builds Federally Authorized Cannabis Lab for MMJ BioPharma

MMJ BioPharma's cannabis research lab during construction

Wakefield, MA – STEM Solutions, LLC, a nationwide provider of commercial and educational institution laboratory equipment and casework, announced it outfitted a federally authorized cannabis research lab for MMJ BioPharma.

MMJ BioPharma Labs recently became one of the only federally authorized labs dedicated to cannabis extraction, research, and development with its approved DEA Analytical Lab Registration for schedule 1-4 drugs. MMJ BioPharma’s primary focus is on cannabis research and development. MMJ BioPharma Labs will be assisting MMJ International Holdings in the research and development of its proprietary gel cap medicine, for the eventual FDA approval of its medicines, MMJ 001 and MMJ 002, to treat multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease. Clinical trials will begin soon.

Representatives of STEM Solutions say they were able to build the lab in record time amidst industry-wide supply shortages. “MMJ BioPharma Labs leveraged our in-stock program of laboratory casework and our partnerships with FunderMax and JHC Fabrication to expedite the phenolic tops to build the lab in four weeks,” said Ed St. Peter, managing member at STEM.

“Early in the process, STEM Solutions visited our facility and said if we do A, B, and C, we can get it up and running in your timeframe,” said Duane Boise, president of MMJ. “Now, through their commitment and hard work, we have an MMJ BioPharma Lab that is a true center of excellence to advance the science of medical cannabis.”

MMJ BioPharma Labs had to adhere to very strict DEA inspections and agreed upon guidelines for approval. With this DEA registration, MMJ BioPharma Labs can manufacture, transport, import, and export cannabis domestically and internationally to DEA registrants and companies registered in their respective international jurisdictions.

The MMJ BioPharma lab will foster and conduct scientific research, data analysis, education, and training on the health effects of cannabis. MMJ BioPharma Labs researchers and leaders could aid in policymaking and outreach as state programs emerge.