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Static Controlled Flooring Protects Sensitive Electronics

Landsale, PA- SelecTech, Inc. recently announced the completion of the installation of its FreeStyle ESD flooring at Cobham Integrated Electronic Solutions facility at in Lansdale. The project was initiated and sold by SelecTech distributor Spartan Surfaces.

“The trend in electronics manufacturing is toward smaller devices, which are more sensitive to damage by static electricity. That puts a greater emphasis on having the proper footwear and ESD flooring to protect your product,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech, Inc., the makers of FreeStyle tiles. “Our FreeStyle ESD tiles have tested extremely well in mitigating static electricity in a manufacturing setting.”

Cobham designs develop, and manufacturers micro-electronics, antenna subsystems, and motion control solutions for defense and security worldwide. Cobham also offers solutions for communication on land, at sea, and in the air and space, serving defense, wireless/mobile, and fixed broadband, X-ray imaging, medical, industrial, and point of sale markets.  The installation of more than 5,000 square feet of FreeStyle ESD took place in January.

“Mitigating static electricity effects is a large benefit of our tiles. The other is our interlocking technology, which can eliminate or dramatically reduce downtime during installation,” said Ricciardelli.

FreeStyle ESD tiles employ a patented glueless “zipper” interlocking system that enables the flooring to be installed over existing flooring with minimal subfloor preparation. There’s no need for messy, toxic adhesive and downtime is significantly reduced—often times without the need to close off an area.

In addition to the installation benefits, there are also numerous maintenance benefits. The tiles are made of a durable, attractive, and easy to maintain surface.  Plus, the interlocks are designed to allow the removal of a tile from the middle of a room.  So, if a tile is ever damaged, it’s easy to replace.

Made with 70 percent recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, FreeStyle ESD meets CA 1350 Indoor Air Quality and is MAS Certified Green.


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