Solect Energy Completes Charles Moore Arena Solar Array

Orleans, MA – Charles Moore Arena (CMA), a nonprofit ice rink, has collaborated with Solect Energy of Hopkinton to install a 345 kilowatt (kW) rooftop solar system at the arena. The installation will help stabilize and reduce CMA’s biggest operating outlay, as the array will cover 50% of its energy demands.

Charles Moore Arena

Looking for opportunities, Tony Nannini, the rink manager at Charles Moore Arena, turned to solar energy as the long-term solution to saving on the cost of electricity.

“Going solar was the perfect opportunity for us to take control of our energy costs, and we’re excited to experience the benefits. It has already helped us solve issues with our roof as well,” Nannini said. “We’re also grateful to have worked with the expert team at Solect on the installation, which helped us every step of the way.”

The rooftop array is financed under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Solect, meaning Solect owns and operates the solar array and sells the power generated back to the arena at a reduced, fixed rate for the duration of the agreement. In this case, CMA enjoys substantial cost savings while avoiding up-front capital outlays.

“We were happy to work with a nonprofit like Charles Moore Arena, which brings wonderful community programs to the town of Orleans,” said Bob Plakias, director of business development at Solect Energy. “The solar system was a perfect fit for them; it will help them save on energy costs while having simultaneously fixed their roof, and the environmental benefits are, of course, a plus.”