Scalora Consulting Group Announces Launch

Scalora Consulting Group / Photo by Liesl Clark

Boston – Scalora Consulting Group, an owner’s representative firm in the design and construction industry, has launched with a commitment to guiding clients through any project from concept through completion while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and supporting sustainable initiatives.

The company’s team is focused on high-quality customer service while meeting schedules and budgets in the most efficient way possible. Scalora Consulting Group provides turn-key project management services, or a la carte consulting services, and works with clients in the corporate, development, higher education, independent school, life sciences, healthcare, energy, and defense industries.

Scalora Consulting Group’s project leadership team, led by Enzo Scalora, Keri DiLeo, Jonathan Ricker, and Jill Finn, has worked together for many years. With a goal of shifting to a more collaborative, interdependent design and construction community, the firm works with its supply chain to partner with innovative firms to share knowledge and resources to make a positive impact on projects, industry, and society, while training the next generation of talent. Providing owner’s representative and project management services across the country, Scalora Consulting Group is headquartered in Massachusetts with a satellite office in New Hampshire, and a presence in Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Washington, with further expansion planned.

Representatives of Scalora Consulting Group say they believe in the concept of “new capitalism,” which argues that a company can make profits for its shareholders, while simultaneously making a commitment to its stakeholders and improving social well-being, thereby balancing profit with purpose. The company has expanded its typical responsibilities to include interests of workers, communities, and the environment while promoting equality in the workforce and striving for a gender-balanced company. For this reason, the company is an early adopter and certification is pending as a B-Corporation.

The firm currently has over 20 active clients with 40 different projects, including Northfield Mount Hermon School, Gilder Center; Analog Devices, global headquarters; Dr. Franklin Perkins School, new middle school and campus; Waterstone Properties, Rock Row development; and Nashoba Brooks School, The Discovery Barn.

“Passionate about design and construction, our experienced team is respected in the industry and inspired to make a positive impact. We have a vision to build a better world by investing in people, partnering to innovate, and being socially and environmentally responsible. We serve as trusted advisors to our clients. With innovation at our core, we are seeking to disrupt the industry by injecting new technologies and streamlining processes to create a superior client experience,” said Enzo Scalora, president and CEO of Scalora Consulting Group. “Equally important is fostering an inclusive culture that promotes diversity and equality in our workforce. We believe that the right team with the right resources can do great things.”