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Ribbon Cutting Celebrates the Success of Public-Private Collaboration

Waltham, MA – Hines, the international real estate firm and developer of Currents on the Charles, a 200-unit new riverside apartment community located at 36 River Street, hosted a celebration on June 4 of the recently completed restoration of the historic James J. Harold Bridge. The event featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony atop the newly restored, iconic Waltham landmark. A reception followed at the adjacent Currents on the Charles.

The bridge-restoration project was made possible by the public-private collaboration between Hines, the city of Waltham, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The celebration hosted by Hines included several Waltham dignitaries, including city council president Gary Marchese and city council member Robert Logan.

“On behalf of the entire Waltham City Council, I am grateful to Hines and the Waltham Historical Commission for their careful and professional restoration of the historic James J. Harold Bridge,” commented Marchese. “This historic landmark connects not only two vibrant cities but also two historic neighborhoods — the Southside and Bleachery sections of Waltham. And the new luxury apartments at Currents on the Charles will ensure the enjoyment of the bridge and the Charles River for generations to come.”

The James J. Harold Bridge was originally constructed during the Great Depression as a public works administration (PWA) project and completed in 1935. The bridge is named in honor of the former Waltham City Council President. Spanning the Charles River along Farwell Street, the Art Deco-style bridge provides an important gateway to Waltham from Newton. In addition to providing a vehicular connection across the river, it also serves as a critical link in the Charles River Reservation path system. Along with the Charles River Reservation, the restored bridge is now complemented by Currents on the Charles’ riverfront park, created by Hines from what was previously a paved parking lot.

“Our team at Hines, along with the consultants and contractors who participated in this project, are honored to have been a part of the restoration of such an important part of Waltham’s infrastructure and history,” commented David Perry, senior managing director at Hines. “We always seek to find ways to contribute to the communities in which we develop properties, and the Harold Bridge project provided a unique opportunity for us to have a lasting, positive impact on this important asset to the city of Waltham.”

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