Publisher’s Message: October 2022

Merge Architects, Inc. was recently honored with two IIDA New England awards for its design of Ten Percent Happier Headquarters, located in Downtown Boston. / Photo by Jane Messinger

Fall has settled in nicely in New England, bringing cool breezes and the beautiful views that make our part of the country so unique. The large tree at the end of my street is covered with gold leaves, which will quickly be turning red or orange and falling off, a reminder that we are in constant transition.

Anastasia Barnes

If you’re an avid reader of High-Profile, and I know that you are, you’re aware that our annual Corporate/Interiors edition is filled with beautiful interior photos of restaurants, laboratories, universities, offices, etc. You name it, it’s in this issue. HP is known for highlighting projects that are underway, but this edition provides a special spotlight on completed projects in New England.

This month’s cover image is of Ten Percent Happier Headquarters, located in Downtown Boston. Designed by Merge Architects, Inc., the project was recently honored with two IIDA New England Design Awards, including the Humanity of Design Award, which is given for the project that best incorporates elements to enrich the human experience through wellness, sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion. View all of the winners on page 24.

My dear friend and mentor, Susan McCabe Messier, has written a piece for our J.E.D.I. section, sharing her insights on being a woman-owned business in a male-dominated industry (pg. 32). I’m especially drawn to Susan’s story because, like me, she took over her family’s business. It’s not an easy thing to do, and her journey over the last decade is truly inspirational!

Also in our J.E.D.I. section, if there is any must-read in this issue, it’s Margaret McCarthy and Kara Keleher’s article entitled “Setting up an IDEA Committee to Encourage Progress” (pg. 30). These women make it look easy. The team at Weston & Sampson recognized they wanted to make a difference in their own company culture, hired an outside consultant, and implemented what they learned. They don’t just talk about their efforts. They share what they’ve accomplished thus far and what their goals are for next year. If you don’t have an action plan, I can’t think of a better road map than this article.

Do you like our new HP25 logo? It was designed by our super talented art director, Yvonne Lauziere. In the coming months, we’ll be celebrating HP’s 25th anniversary. I still can’t believe that we’ve been in business for 25 years. I joined HP in 2000 and back then I had no idea what AEC meant or why I couldn’t wear heels to a construction site. I am immensely proud of what HP has become and to be a part of our incredible community of industry professionals, readers and contributors.

Our special HP25 Anniversary edition is going to be truly one-of-a-kind. If you like storytelling, this issue is for you! If you’re interested in participating, turn to page 33 for all the details!

Next up is our November issue with a focus on Life Sciences, a sector that is influencing all facets of architecture, engineering, and construction. There will be no shortage of news, updates and new projects to share from this booming industry.

Stay warm. Be kind to people. Dress up for Halloween.

Enjoy the read!

Anastasia Barnes

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