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NIBS Celebrates BEC Success Stories

Washington – The National Institute of Building Sciences supports the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Building Envelope Campaign (BEC) recognition of 14 organizations for their achievements in building envelope energy performance.

The campaign, introduced in 2020, plans to recognize high-performing projects annually. Its first-year success stories represent a range of diverse projects, including building retrofits and new construction of K-12 schools, higher education, commercial real estate, health care, and multifamily structures.

DOE Building Envelope Campaign recognizes energy-saving success stories in four categories: Novel 40 and Novel 20 recognize new construction envelope projects that achieve 40% and 20% building envelope performance improvement over code, while Retro 50 and Retro 30 recognize retrofit projects that achieve 50% and 30% improvement over code. In addition to these four categories, projects also may be designated as “Role Models,” which meet one of the four categories and also incorporate an additional advanced strategy or technology into their enclosures.