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NH Hospital Advancing Energy Efficiency

Manchester, NH – Southern New Hampshire Health (SNHH) is partnering with Eversource to modernize its acute care campus and off-site facilities with energy efficiency upgrades that will help reduce the hospital’s energy and maintenance costs, in addition to reducing carbon emissions and enhancing the comfort of its patients.

This comprehensive, three-year plan supports SNHH’s commitment to improving and supporting the health and well-being of individuals living in the greater Nashua area with access to exceptional medical care services.

As part of SNHH’s agreement with Eversource, the healthcare provider will receive technical assistance and engineering support to complete several planned upgrades, as well as incentives to offset the costs of installing new, energy-efficient equipment.

Proposed projects include replacing rooftop air handling units with more efficient models at the health care provider’s facilities in Nashua, replacing the hospital’s supply air fans with an efficient fan wall and installing more efficient heat pumps throughout its facilities.

Additionally, energy efficiency will be an important consideration as SNHH plans to renovate its Digestive Health Center and upgrade patient rooms in the coming years. A significant project to enhance air flow in SNHH’s main hospital, which was designed more than twenty years ago, is already under way. This upgrade will help reduce the facility’s electricity use by 30%, while maintaining the comfort of patients and employees.

SNHH partnered with Eversource to replace a chiller in its main hospital in 2016, which reduced its annual energy costs by $55,000.

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