New Lebanon Elementary School Highlight

The New Lebanon Elementary School under construction

Pascoag RI – Lockheed Window Corp., a local commercial construction company, takes pride in ensuring its projects focus on sustainable design. The New Lebanon Elementary School is just one example displaying the Lockheed team’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. This project is currently slated for completion before the new year and is designed to achieve a Gold-level LEED rating.

New Lebanon is being fitted with Rhienzink (zinc) standing seam metal panels, which are sustainable products made from 50% C. Installing these panels on the walls of the new building presented a unique challenge for the Lockheed team: This particular type of panel is designed to be used on roofs, and the typical roof seamer is far too heavy to use on a wall. To overcome this, Lockheed partnered with several manufacturers to customize smaller equipment fit to seam the panels on vertical walls, ensuring an effective installation.

CREC Museum Academy

The Lockheed team has completed a series of projects that achieve LEED certifications, consistently working with its vendors to meet and exceed environmental standards. Some similar projects recently completed include CREC Museum Academy, which achieves LEED Silver status and features cantilevered roofing systems, and the UConn Next Gen Hall, which achieves LEED Silver status and features sun shades running up the sides of the building to regulate temperature.

Lockheed is fully equipped to execute flawlessly on the design, engineering, production, fabrication, application, and installation of their many products, which include fiber cement panel systems, composite panel systems, traditional and unitized curtain wall systems, storefront systems, sun shading devices, skylights, door and hardware systems, hollow metal openings, terracotta cladding systems, and window systems.

The company maintains a focus on sustainable and innovative design for each project they work on and provide only the highest quality products for customers.