Life Science Restoration/Renovation

New Haven Building Transformed into Biotech Facility

Elm City Bioscience Center

New Haven, CT – Svigals + Partners announced the completion of several projects at the Elm City Bioscience Center, a fully transformed building in the heart of downtown New Haven that has been revitalized from an underutilized office building into a biotech hub.

From the design of shared and private interior spaces to the graphic elements and branding – including the facility’s new name and logo – Svigals + Partners repositioned the 8-floor building at 55 Church Street on behalf of developer The Hurley Group, establishing its new identity as a modern biotech hub for the advancement of start-up science, laboratory, and research companies.

Elm City Bioscience Center includes a newly renovated main lobby, elevator lobbies and corridors, and more than 100,000sf of potential space for start-up biotech companies, including those at BSL-1 and BSL-2 levels. Each lab suite is designed to accommodate workspace outside of the lab, including offices, meeting rooms and break rooms, with the option for multiple tenants to share these spaces. Each 12,000sf floor can be halved into about 6,000sf for two separate tenants’ offices and labs, and shared amenity spaces.

Each floor’s useable space has been maximized by the design team, ensuring the high efficiency of the building’s utilities and related equipment, while providing flexible layout options. The streamlined approach incorporates adaptable model layouts that can be repeated and readily adjusted to suit each tenant’s lab, research, and office needs without requiring large scale renovations.

Currently, renovations for half of the building’s second floor and the entire eighth level have been completed and are occupied by biotech companies. The floor layouts for these new biotech tenants were modified to accommodate their needs, plus adjustments were made to the interior color palette’s accents. As new bioscience tenants take over spaces vacated by the building’s current tenants, those areas will also be renovated for the new companies’ work, research, and laboratory needs, with adaptations made to the model plan, as required.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were upgraded to accommodate the biotech tenants, and existing shafts were repurposed to meet the tenants’ laboratory equipment and operations requirements. Concealed chases for acid-resistant plumbing and natural gas were also installed through all floors.

A ribbon-cutting for the facility was held in September 2022.