New England Lab Finishing Up at URI

© Wilson Architect

Laboratory rendering of the Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences / © Wilson Architects

© Wilson Architect

© Wilson Architects

Kingston, RI – New England Lab is in the final stage of installation at the University of Rhode Island’s new Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences.

Designer Wilson Architects and contractor Bacon Construction created the chemistry building to hold state-of-the-art teaching and research labs for areas such as energetic materials, forensic science, and other disciplines.

New England Lab outfitted the labs with energy-efficient fume hoods, painted steel casework, local exhaust snorkels, and custom lab furnishings. Clear glass exhaust enclosures were designed and installed to maximize teaching and collaboration.

Classrooms are furnished with standing and sitting-height wood lab benches and strut overhead service carriers to maintain the integrity of the industrial design throughout the building.