New Biotechnology Facility Leverages Strength and Sustainability of Mass Timber

Adimab's building expansion, constructed of mass timber

Lebanon, NH – Adimab, a provider of therapeutic antibody discovery and engineering technology, based in Lebanon, N.H., is expanding its facility.

When the company realized the need for additional space, they looked to architects Christopher Smith and Sylvia Richards, who specialize in sustainable design. Adimab contracted with ReArch Company as the construction manager.

The 3-story, 27,800sf addition, which includes conference rooms, laboratories, offices, and support/core spaces, was built using a mass timber structural system.

A low-carbon alternative to concrete and steel, mass timber is comprised of multiple solid wood panels that are glued together to provide strength and durability. The small trees used for mass timber are fast-growing and replanted in well-managed forests, to ensure a sustainable supply chain. Additionally, wood used in building structures acts as a carbon capture, removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it for as long as the wood is in use.

The design combines functionality and aesthetics by utilizing column and beam glulam construction to support one-way spanning CLT (wood panel system) floor and roof panels. This construction technique also achieves unobstructed pathways for MEP systems, to free up head height while creating visually appealing spaces. The expansion also features highly efficient HVAC systems, a well air-sealed and insulated envelope with locally harvested cedar siding, and natural material choices throughout the building.

“It’s exciting to see sustainability being incorporated in all aspects of construction, from the building design to material selection to construction practices in the field. Mass timber is just one of many sustainable products people will start seeing more of in construction as the industry shifts its focus from not only changing city skylines but doing it with a positive impact on the environment,” said J.T. Imming, project manager at ReArch Company.

The project team also includes ODEH Engineers, structural engineer, and Bensonwood, timber fabricator. Construction is anticipated to be completed in early 2024.