Net Zero Energy Building Comes to Stratford

Stratford, CT – UB Stratford I, LLC (UB Stratford) recently constructed a new self-storage facility utilizing nearly $400,000 in energy efficiency incentives to save an estimated $40,350 in annual energy costs.

Energy engineers from AVANGRID, Inc. subsidiary United Illuminating (UI) and development and construction consulting firm Chandler, LLC optimized existing plans for the new 130,000sf building, leveraging incentives available through Energize CT to enhance the already energy and environmentally-conscious design and increase solar energy readiness.

The newly constructed UB Stratford facility, which houses a self-storage business, is an emerging Net-Zero Energy building, meaning the amount of energy produced by on-site renewable energy sources is intended to equal the amount of energy used there. The benchmark is expected to be achieved through the environmentally-conscious design of the building, the implementation of specific technology within the building, such as heat pumps, energy-efficient LED lighting and energy-conscience heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and the use of renewable energy from a rooftop solar project. Exterior efficiency measures taken include LED parking lot and canopy lighting.

The facility is part of an open-air shopping center, which aligns with the company’s renewed interest in developing and renovating like properties. With this project, UB Stratford’s role was to initiate the incentive application, identify energy modeling resources and guide the team through the conclusion of the review and award process.

To guide UBP through energy efficiency measures and incentives available for this new construction project, they tapped the expertise of UI energy engineers, including Brandon Mark, and of Steven Chandler Hall, founder and managing director at Chandler, LLC.