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NECA Contractor Provides Surveillance

Boston – LAN-TEL Communications Mobile Action Command Unit (MACU) was deployed at the New England Patriots’ Victory Parade on February 2 to assist the city of Boston with security and surveillance measures.

The state-of-the-art MACU is equipped with highly advanced video surveillance, an exterior shooter detection system, as well as an unmanned aerial vehicle.

It also provided surveillance at the Red Sox parade last October and the Boston Marathon and is increasingly being utilized to provide security support for Boston and surrounding communities.

“We are pleased to have assisted the New England Patriots, the City of Boston, and all public safety personnel, in helping Patriot fans safely celebrate the Super Bowl victory,” said Joe Bodio, CEO of NECA contractor LAN-TEL Communications, “We believe we are the only private company in the Commonwealth to offer a mobile command unit to assist municipalities and private companies with large-scale events. Studies show that surveillance at events is of paramount importance to help ensure safety and our capabilities offer highly advanced security technology.”