Healthcare Up Front

MorrisSwitzer, Ascension Group, and daSilva Merge to Create E4H


Boston – Three of the country’s leading healthcare architectural firms have merged: MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health, Ascension Group Architects, and daSilva Architects are now Environments for Health Architecture (E4H). Each firm focused exclusively on healthcare design, and has a history of innovation, agility, and state-of-the-art technical expertise specific to the healthcare sector.


E4H offers comprehensive architectural services in healthcare design, with an expanded depth of experience, talent, and geographic reach.  The firm has 130 healthcare planners and architects in offices across the United States, and has collectively completed more than 5,000 healthcare projects over the past three decades.

The E4H portfolio includes over $5 billion in projects, encompassing community hospitals, academic medical centers, life science laboratories, R&D space, children’s hospitals, mental health facilities, ambulatory care centers, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living, and medical office buildings.  Services include healthcare planning, architecture, and interior design.

“Healthcare providers and life sciences businesses have a unique set of needs; balancing the delivery of care with business imperatives requires a deep understanding of this rapidly changing industry,” said Dan Morris, Partner, E4H.  “E4H now offers both a knowledge of the local healthcare market and access to an expanded talent and experience pool that will benefit our clients enormously.”

With 100% of its practice devoted to healthcare and health innovation, E4H focuses on delivering lean solutions to provide value, maximize the quality of care, and reduce overall costs.  Each office will maintain its leadership team and staff, building upon existing strengths to create exceptional healthcare environments.